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Fighting cancer is difficult and living with it can be just as tough. That is where MAMOCF is involved. The primary purpose of our foundation is to provide financial assistance to ovarian cancer patients and their families. We offer support for most financial needs from basic housekeeping to help with larger medical expenses.

If you have a financial need or know an ovarian cancer patient that does, you may download and submit a Financial Assistance Request Form or contact Patricia Mazanec, Outreach Care Coordinator, at mamocf.outreach@gmail.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for financial assistance?

In order to be considered for assistance, a patient needs to submit a Financial Assistance Request Form, along with relevant bills, invoices, and/or receipts. Forms are available via download from our web site, www.mamocf.org, or by contacting Patricia Mazanec, Outreach Coordinator, at mamocf.outreach@gmail.com.  Please carefully follow all instructions on the application form.

Do you offer financial assistance to ovarian cancer patients living in a certain geographic area?

While the mission of MAMOCF is to provide assistance to ovarian cancer patients in New Jersey, at this time we also consider requests from neighboring states (NY, PA and DE).

Does an applicant have to be in active treatment?

Applicants must have a doctor-verified diagnosis of ovarian cancer.  The applicant does not have to be in active treatment at the time they apply for financial assistance.  Preference is always given to the greatest financial needs.

Do you prefer that applications come from the patient or a family member directly?

Anyone can submit a request for assistance on a patient's behalf, providing all the requirements for application are met.  Follow instructions on the application form carefully.

Does the Foundation prefer to reimburse the patient/family directly or pay to a company billing the patient?

The Foundation's first preference is to pay third party bills.  Copies of bills/receipts must be attached to the application to receive payment. Please send copies only and retain the original bills/receipts for your files. If your request is approved, MAMOCF will make the check payable to the clinic, hospital, utility, or other third party.  The checks will be mailed to the third party.

If your request is for personal reimbursement for expenses already paid, please enclose a copy of each invoice, receipt or bill with an explanation of the purpose and when payment was made.

Is assistance provided as a one-time only offering?

Each approved request is for an initial amount of up to $1,000 to be provided over a 6-month period. Additional funds may be requested and are made available at the discretion of the Board of Trustees.  Applicants may re-apply for assistance as necessary after each 6-month period.

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